Architecture evokes magical encounters. Through fine art photography, panoramic digital views and articles by experts in architecture (including Edwin Heathcote, Juhani Pallasmaa, Suzanne Strum, Mark Pimlott and Paul Ardenne) Grand Tour provides stories for travellers with a passion for buildings and design.

As a writer and photographer with a degree Art History and Film Studies, I have been specializing in architecture and interiors for almost twenty years. I wanted to look at the built environment from an art historical perspective, exploring places as part of a global visual culture.

We observe buildings and their distinct qualities, we enter to feel the atmosphere and the unique spatial experience. A realtime encounter is never quite what you imagine.

All places featured here are open for the public to visit – also the private homes in tours or for hire.

I hope you will find ideas and inspiration in Grand Tour. The format for the website and the guides is currently under restoration. Guides will soon be available also on iBooks. All feedback is very much appreciated.

Marianna Wahlsten


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